We start by making sure everyone knows you are here.
As soon as you join, we post an announcement, similar to a press release, on the site, on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. In it, we profile your organization and services. 

As soon as possible, thereafter, we conduct an interview (by email) with the individual representative, and include that interview in our R.C Chatter mailing as an introduction to you and your organization to all other members. This interview is only seen by other Resilience Cloud members, but it remains indefinitely in the R.C Member section of the website. 

You get a full page for your organization to tell your story your way.
While many industry associations and groups give you a small blurb to promote yourself, we give you a full page to fill in as you see fit. It can stretch to any length and include as much or as little information as you wish. Furthermore, we’ll directly help you get it formatted nicely and looking great. 

Your org’s page is your face on Resilience Cloud and it is open to the public as part of our member directory. As Resilience Cloud grows, it becomes more important and can help clients find you. It also links to your own website, providing help with SEO. 

You get a full page for each individual member.
Each individual member of your org who is a Resilience Cloud member may also build out a full page profile, including professional title, bio, photo, and preferred contact info.

Each organization who joins automatically may designate one individual to be a Resilience Cloud member. Additional members from the same organization may be added thereafter for an additional fee per member. Each individual from an organization is listed and linked to from the organization’s Resilience Cloud page.

We promote the site as a destination to find great product and service partners.
As a directory of risk and resilience organizations across multiple disciplines, Resilience Cloud is a great place to find service partners. We promote the site to the general public through social media, search, and partnering with general business associations and events.

We give you a channel for demonstrating your expertise at Convergence: The R.C Blog
Your risk-related expertise is on show to the world through content you produce and submit to the Resilience Cloud blog. The blog’s content is temporarily displayed on the front page of the site and distributed through a variety of other channels.  

  • Your material goes on all of our social media pages: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Your material links back to our site and to your webpage, helping your SEO.
  • It never goes away. Content posted on the blog stays there indefinitely. It is searchable and indexable by search engines such as Google and Bing, therefore serving to promote your expertise, your organization, and your own website. Content on the Resilience Cloud blog is the gift that keeps on giving. 

We publish the R.C Chatter email newsletter so that all members know what is going on in the community.
The R.C Chatter newsletter further promotes new members, new blog material, and other community news and announcements.