No more hated mailing lists. We use Slack.
Email is a 40-year old technology. Mailing lists aren’t much newer. Mailing lists have a host of problems that make them suboptimal for building a community today, so we use a messaging and collaboration platform called Slack. Slack can be used through the web, or installed as an app on all your laptops or mobile devices. 

Slack is the whole community in your hand.
With Slack you don’t have to email the entire community to get your message across. Since it is a messaging platform, you write messages instead of emails. Messages can be personal - sent to one person only, or can be collaborative, including multiple people in one discussion conference. 

Slack has channels. Channels let you message everyone in a certain channel all at once. We have 18 categories of channels pre-made, and you can make your own. Anyone who joins your channels (you can invite whoever you want) receives all messages there. 

Slack is mobile. Install it on your phone and you have the whole Resilience Cloud community with you always. No need to look up email addresses, just search for members to find and message them. You can message a single person or a channel easily and quickly from wherever you are, without opening an email client.

Slack is convenient and safe. You have full control over notifications so you are not bothered by messages you don’t want to be. You can set status messages to let the community know you are available or not. Interactions and discussions sent in Slack are private and not archived. Slack maintains 10,000 messages total for the community. Each time we get over 10,000 messages, the oldest ones are erased forever, meaning there is minimal data to have compromised in the event of a data breach incident.  No one at Resilience Cloud has access to your private messages within the Slack platform. 


Slack has 21st Century Tools
Besides just messaging, the Resilience Cloud version of Slack has a variety of tools for research purposes.

Slackbot. Slackbot is a bot provided by Slack that can be used to provide instant answers to many of the questions members may have about how to do things, right in Slack. 

Growthbot. Growthbot is a tool for use in doing competitive intelligence from within Slack. Research companies and websites using basic language. 

Other Platforms for communication, learning, and knowledge management are in the works!