We publish the R.C Register.
Never miss an event again. The R.C Register email newsletter is worth the price of membership all by itself. This newsletter covers hundreds of events occurring in the different segments of the risk and resilience industry around the world. We have them all! And if we don't, tell us and then we will!

Events are organized by date and geographic location of the venue. Coverage of each event includes hosting organization, venue, topic, pricing, and a short summary. A link to each event's website means you are one step from signing up. Use the R.C Register to avoid missing the events that are important to you and to keep tabs on the pulse of the industry. Marketing and event teams can use it to perform competitive intelligence on current venues used, pricing, and topics. This product alone is worth becoming a member!

R.C Register is just the beginning. We have more information and intelligence products in the laboratory!

We work to promote interaction across and within specialties.  
By introducing and promoting member companies, we make it easier to engage with them. By trying to educate all members about the different specialties, we make it easy to understand what others are thinking. Using Slack, members can interact with any category, or just listen to conversations in those channels and learn.