Resilience Cloud Officially Launches


Resilience Cloud Officially Launches

Singapore - April 1, 2017 - Resilience Cloud officially opens for member signups from the risk and resilience industry around the world. 

Resilience Cloud aims to be the definitive directory and community of risk management and resilience service providers in the world. The community can be found at, where potential customers can access our directory of product and service providers across 18 different segments of the industry. 

Resilience Cloud members pay an annual fee to join the community and avail themselves of the opportunities Resilience Cloud offers to promote their entities to potential customers and other industry participants. 

The community is intended to provide opportunities for cross-seeding industry knowledge and relationships by removing the walls that separate the various specialties in the industry. Practitioners in each sector will be able to interact with, educate, and pitch to other practitioners in related segments of the industry, which is currently very difficult, time consuming, and expensive.

“Practitioners in the risk industry all have the same target customer but come at problems with completely different mindsets. We are all organized into strict silos,” said Rodney J. Johnson, President and Founder of Resilience Cloud. “For example, in the case of a data breach incident, law firms, investigators, software companies, compliance experts, governance experts, and business continuity specialists are all needed and utilized, but they all come from disparate sources - they do not cooperate and they do not know who else is involved or how anyone else operates. Resilience Cloud aims to enable industry practitioners to educate each other about how they work and what each segment needs.”

“Ultimately, Resilience Cloud is about helping industry entities do better business. We want to help our community members promote themselves more effectively, and get more engagements as a result.”

Resilience Cloud is a directory and community for risk management and resilience service providers that can be found at 

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