Erudite Risk Joins Resilience Cloud


Erudite Risk Joins Resilience Cloud

Singapore – April 30, 2017 - Erudite Risk becomes the first member of the Resilience Cloud community.

Erudite Risk has extensive experience performing risk mitigation and risk management services for multinational companies operating in the geographic markets they cover. Erudite Risk's leaders have performed thousands of risk management and security consulting projects for multinationals in Asia. They know their markets, they know international business, and they know the risks global companies face in their markets. More importantly, they understand your goals, needs, worries, and expectations as an organization. Erudite Risk aims to provide relevant, comprehensive, insightful, and actionable intelligence products. They know what makes a risk intelligence report readable and useful. They know your standards are high. They work to meet and exceed them.

"Local knowledge is paramount. I believe clients come to us because of the countries we are in. In the end, our real service is being an interface with the country the engagement is in and our real product is local knowledge and understanding", Rodney J. Johnson President of Erudite Risk.

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