Guidepost Solutions Joins Resilience Cloud


Guidepost Solutions Joins Resilience Cloud

Singapore – May 3, 2017 - Guidepost Solutions Becomes One of the First Members of the Resilience Cloud Community.

Guidepost Solutions is a global team of investigators, experienced security and technology consultants, and compliance and monitoring experts. They provide security, investigative, compliance and monitoring leadership for critical client needs. As trusted partners for their high-profile clients in a wide range of industries across the globe, they survey and analyze industries in order to guide solutions. They built their brand on the collective strength, experience and reputation of individual parts and serve as an established source of protection, strategic guidance and leadership for their clients.

In 2015, Guidepost Solutions was recognized as “The Best Corporate Investigations Provider” by the National Law Journal’s Best of Legal Times; “A Best Corporate Investigations Provider” by the New York Law Journal Reader Rankings; and “Best Global Risk & Investigations Consultant” in the National Law Journal’s Best of Chicago.

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