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G4S is the world's leading global, integrated security company specialising in the delivery of security and related services to customers across six continents. We specialise in outsourced business processes and facilities in sectors where security and safety risks are considered a strategic threat.


Our Services

We have a diverse range of services to meet our customers requirements and have a broad geographic footprint to meet demand for security around the world

Our five primary service lines are:

Secure Solutions

The secure solutions businesses provides a broad range of solutions to both commercial and government customers

The secure solutions business covers a wide range of services, including:

Risk services and consultancy - Risk management consultancy services including personal protection, training, mine detection and clearance services 

Security systems - Access control, CCTV, intruder alarms, fire detection, video analytics and security and building systems technology integration 

Monitoring and response - Key holding, mobile security patrol and response services and alarm receiving and monitoring facilities 

Secure facilities services - Integrated facilities services for entire sites or estates for commercial customers and governments 

Welfare to work programme - Assisting long term unemployed people into work 

Manned security services - Trained and vetted security officers 

Consulting Services

G4S has a global Risk Consulting capability offering trusted security advice, risk mitigation strategies, secure support and integrated solutions for strategic clients or those operating in complex or sensitive environments. G4S Risk Consulting is an integral part of G4S, operating across its entire international network.

The Risk Consulting arm of the business ensures that clients fully consider the risks they and their organisations may face, acting to mitigate these risks wherever possible, and providing the tools to fully prepare clients to react successfully to a crisis should it occur. 

Within this part of the business we have specialists in aviation, training and capacity building, security risk management, cyber security, fraud investigations and intelligence advisory services. 

Care and justice services is part of secure solutions and offers highly specialised services to central and local governments and government agencies and authorities

Juvenile and adult custody - Management of all aspects of a facility and those held within the facility – similar centres are also used for the detention of asylum applicants  

Prisoner escorting - Transportation of prisoners and asylum applicants between courts, police stations and custody and asylum centres

Asylum services - Management of housing provision and other services for asylum applicants

Electronic monitoring - Electronic tagging and monitoring of offenders at home or in the community

Police services - Back office support functions for police forces, support for front line policing including the provision of custody suite services and forensic medical services

Cash Solutions

The G4S cash solutions businesses manage cash primarily for financial institutions and retailers


Outsourcing cash management: Managing cash on behalf of financial institutions including cash transportation, high security cash centres, counting and reconciling cash, fitness sorting of notes for use in automated teller machines (ATMs), counterfeit detection and removal, redistribution of cash to bank branches, ATMs and retail customers 

Cash consulting: Provision of consultancy services to central banks and commercial banks on overall cash management strategy, bank note production and security and all aspects of cash cycle efficiency

ATM management:  Managing ATMs on behalf of banks, retailers and independent ATM providers – including cash forecasting, cash transportation and reconciliation services, first line maintenance and ATM engineering services

CASH360™: An end to end cash management solution which can be tailored to fit the diversity of your requirements such as different store sizes and business objectives. Our solutions are proven across a range of businesses and sectors. Visit our CASH360™ page for more information

International transportation: Bespoke international transportation and insurance of currency, gems and other valuables

Cash transportation: Secure transportation of cash using high security vehicles, fully vetted and trained personnel and purpose-built technology to transport, protect, count and reconcile cash to customer records

Specialise outsourced services

Based mainly in the UK, G4S offers a range of outsourcing services, which together accounted for around 8% of group revenues in 2014. We aim to offer innovative and cost-effective solutions to customers.

Police services

Support for frontline policing including the provision of custody suite services and forensic medical services, and back-office support functions for police forces

Welfare to-work programme

Assisting long-term unemployed people into work

Utility services

Data and meter services, and contact centre management for private energy and utility companies

Security Systems and Technology

Market and strategy

Security systems and technology represented  around 8% of group revenue in 2014.

The global security systems market is a large growing market (source: Freedonia, November 2014) but regional market dynamics vary widely in terms of competition, products sold and customer segments. Our technology strategy therefore has to adapt to meet each region’s unique requirements.

We aim to drive outsourcing and enhance the value of traditional security services through greater use of technology. 

Security systems and technology includes:

Security installation and maintenance

Access control, CCTV, intruder alarms, fire detection and video analytics to identify and notify operators of issues

System Software integration

Security and building systems technology integration

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