Ohkoshi Security Consultants

To Improve Corporate Security

OSC provides overall crisis and security management services to both corporate and individual clients. We not only respond to incidents and crises within Japan, but also extend our service to employees and their families living overseas.


OSC specializes in providing the following services:

Security and Crisis Management System

Assessment and Planning of Security and Crisis

Management System Preparation of Security Manuals Provision of Training

for Security Personnel Provision of Security Education and Seminar

to Employees, Families and General Public Provision of Risk Management Information


Physical Security: Assessment and Revision for Businesses and Residences

On-Site Surveys for Risk Assessment

Planning of Security Measures, Prevention ofUnlawful Entry

Installation of Anticrime Devices and Systems

Installation of Access Control for Buildings and Offices


Computer and Network Security Systems

On-Site Surveys for Vulnerability Assessment

Installation of Anti-Virus and Firewall Systems, Sales of Related Software

Assessment and Planning of Data Management Systems


Domestic and Overseas Security Information

On-Site Surveys for Vulnerability Assessment

Installation of Anti-Virus and Firewall System, Sales of Related Software

Provision of Security Information on Countries and Regions in Japanese and English


Information Security for Protection of Confidential Booklets/Papers

Management of Printed and Other Forms of Information

Preventive Measures for Confidential Information Leaks

Search and Removal of Bugging Device


Personal Security: Security Measures for Executives and Families

Planning of Anti-Abduction Measures

Development of Anticrime Measures at Workplace and Home

Search and Removal of Bugging Device


Investigation and Information Gathering

Provision of Background and Credit Checks

Prevention and Response to Stalkers

Investigation on Incidents and Accidents

Information Gathering in General



Reception and Investigation Based on Whistleblowing

Effective Use of Whistleblowers


Response to Domestic Violence at Workplace and Home

Determination of Damages

Formulation of Preventive Measures


Security Planning for Special Facilities

Security Planning for Ports, Airports, Train Stations, Shopping Centers, etc.

Planning of Security Measures for Smuggling Prevention

Planning and Installation of Antitheft Systems

R.C Personnel Members

Larry Yamamoto, Director

Primary Address

Street: No2. Okamotoya Bldg. 11F, 1-22-16 Toranomon, Minato-ku
City: Tokyo
Country: Japan
Postal Code: 105-0001


Telephone: +81-3-5532-1880
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Member Since: May 2017




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