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Matching Reputational Due Diligence and Corporate Investigations to the anticipated risks of doing business in emerging markets

CreditCheck Partners obtains credible and critical information in even the most opaque markets. We help businesses evaluate potential investments and business partners. We also help clients respond to allegations of fraud, violations of code of conduct, and non-compliance with anti-bribery regulation.


Matching Reputational Due Diligence and Corporate Investigations to the anticipated risks of doing business in emerging markets

Reputational Due Diligence

Today's business environment demands services that address the unique challenges of crossing borders to set up business in an unfamiliar market. Any worthwhile due diligence must include information on the societal and market reputation of the local company and all individuals involved.

CreditCheck Partners' enhanced Reputational Due Diligence report provides a detailed background check on any entity or individual using information gathered from open source, subscription based services as well as public records and databases. In addition to business verification checks, our analysts also look for ‘red flags' or indicators of more substantive risk in English language media and local business languages. We also look for potential violations of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), U.K. Anti–Bribery Act or non compliance with other transnational criminal legislation.

Our Reputational Due Diligence report with its quick turnaround and relative low cost, contributes to considerable savings in time and money for our clients.

Business Intelligence

CreditCheck Partners goes beyond helping businesses anticipate reputational risk. CreditCheck Partners helps respond to allegations or address unforeseen problems as they occur.

CreditCheck Partners' dedicated Business Intelligence team enables commercial decisions by providing clients with credible, insightful, and tailored information.

CreditCheck Partners gathers timely intelligence on allegations of corruption and bribery, money laundering, politically exposed persons and entities, management issues, and standards of corporate governance. Our analysts are trained to gather intelligence using the utmost discretion and sensitivity to protect the identity of clients.

Corporate Investigations

CreditCheck Partners' Corporate Investigations team is trained to uncover, support, and implement solutions at the behest of clients. Our investigators have experience handling whistleblower allegations, conflict of interest, management abuse, employee theft, labour unrest, and other issues.

CreditCheck Partners strives to help our clients reduce their exposure to liability, improve the morale of its employees, and prevent losses. Our field investigators use skillful interview techniques to procure reliable information and obtain admission without using coercion, promises of leniency, or use of financial or other incentives. We work to help employers make informed, compliance related decisions.

We also provide litigation support to law firms and in-house counsels in building a strong case by way of research, witness tracing and interview, field investigations, and by serving notices.

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