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We help clients manage risk and protect their reputations through the provision and analysis of information. We work on one-off assignments and long-term projects for a wide range of organisations, from financial institutions, law firms and family offices to multilateral organisations.

We provide intelligence to help our clients reach decisions. Clients come to us when considering a new business relationship with an unfamiliar counterparty, or in a situation or part of the world where there is the potential for some kind of risk – be it reputational, political or regulatory. Clients also come to us when they need support in their own internal inquiries or in litigation. They may be looking for new insight into unknown territory, or corroboration of information they have been given; and there are frequently situations which do not fit neatly into any category. Whatever the brief, we use analysis, judgement and experience to gather information, make sense of it and deliver it in a useful, meaningful way.


Due diligence

Clients come to us for a clearer picture of a company or individual with whom they are considering doing business. They may know little about them, or perhaps just enough to see that they need to know more. We deliver a comprehensive, balanced view of their reputation, probity and track record.

We pride ourselves on the rigour of our research. We understand what is available and where. Our multilingual staff access local records; they know their way around the relevant registries and how to reconcile apparent discrepancies. Where information is not available electronically, we send someone down to the local registry, court or ministry. Information can often be partial, subjective and incomplete. But we filter it all, cross-check and analyse. And we turn to sources to add insight and context. Our network has evolved over many years and with every new case is extended.

We use our judgement and experience to turn information into intelligence.



The more complex the dispute, the more likely that it will benefit from the provision of intelligence. We apply our research skills, resources and expertise in support of the legal strategy. We find critical, admissible evidence; we identify sources who can shed light on key issues; and we provide the necessary background and context to help shape the case, be it litigation or arbitration.

We have particular expertise and experience in asset tracing, where our global reach and knowledge of offshore structures is vital. Over the past decade, we have supported clients across many areas of legal strategy, including witness identification, expert testimony, interviews and input into statements of claim. Frequently, our findings have helped bring about a negotiated settlement.

We work alongside our clients’ in-house legal teams and their external legal advisors, on both a retained and project-specific basis, according to the demands of the brief.


Country risk

We help our clients understand the dynamics of new markets. They will have done their own research, evaluated the opportunities and formed a strategy. They will have read many published country papers and indices. They turn to Alaco for a realistic, current evaluation of the situation on the ground – the political context, the rule of law, the regulatory environment, the competition, the key influencers – tailored to their mission.

We carry out research, check facts and talk to our sources. Where we don’t have relevant sources, we find new ones. The result is a bespoke, detailed and objective analysis of the business environment. Our clients then make their own commercial decisions.

Recent examples include an assessment of the impact of elections on mining licences in West Africa; an analysis of the burgeoning commercial opportunities in Myanmar; a review of the key business figures in a North African country post-Arab Spring; and an analysis of the regulatory environment affecting telecommunications in Saudi Arabia.


Special situations

We serve our clients in many different ways and often answer questions that do not fit neatly into any category. Our network, our ability to gather relevant intelligence and over a decade of experience help us deliver meaningful results, whatever the brief. From complex, multi-jurisdictional investigations to the most sensitive private matter, we assemble a team and determine a strategy appropriate to the task.

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