Alex Santos

Director of Operations & Owner, Invesprotex Investigation & Protection Services

Alex Santos is the Director of Operations for, and Owner of, Invesprotex Investigation & Protection Services Company. He has more than 20 years of investigative experience in both law enforcement and insurance fraud.


Anandaday Misshra

Advocate-Founder, AMLEGALS

Mr. Misshra is a practicing high court advocate, with 18 years experience in advisory and litigation services in India.

Billy Marlin

Founding Partner, Veritas Assurance Partners

Billy Marlin has deep experience in providing investigatory consulting services to a wide variety of clientele throughout the United States and Latin America.

Chung Jae-kyu

Director of Operations, Erudite Risk

Chung Jae-kyu is a Korea-based expert in due diligence, investigations, security, and brand protection.

Harvey Morse

President, Locaters International, INC

Harvey E. Morse is President of Locaters International, Founder of the Florida Association of Private Investigators, and has over 50 years of investigative experience.


Jack Chu

President, RA Consultants

A security professional who worked 17 years in the private security sector after serving in the Police for 18 years.

John Keeney

Executive Director, Andrews International

Mr. John G. Keeney has been the Managing Director of Research for Andrews International since 2009. He specializes in conducting due diligence investigations, FCPA and Patriot Act compliance investigations and business intelligence research.


Larry Gurwin

Senior Director, EMEA, Guidepost Solutions

Larry Gurwin has more than 20 years of experience as an investigative consultant. His specialties include fraud investigations, litigation support, asset searches, and due diligence.


Manuel Supervielle

Founding Partner, Veritas Assurance Partners

Manuel Supervielle is a highly experienced expert in US and international security, legal, political and policy matters currently serving as a Founding Partner with Veritas Assurance Partners.

Mukesh Bajaj

Founder, CreditCheck Partners

Mukesh has over 21 years of experience in the risk management business, with experience in business intelligence and corporate investigations uncovering and addressing various reputational risks for a wide range of clients.


Nicholas Alleva

Senior Project Manager, Andrews International

Nick Alleva is a Senior Project Manager for Andrews International, specializing in pharmaceutical related investigations. He has over 35 years of industry experience.


Oliver Gorton

Director, Alaco

Mr. Gorton works with clients across a broad range of due diligence and litigation support investigations in both developed and emerging markets

Paul Dank

President, Advanced Surveillance Group

As President of Advanced Surveillance Group, Mr. Dank oversees and directs investigations, background checks and intelligence gathering engagements.

Paul Greenwood

Director, Commercial Intelligence & Investigations, Page Group

Mr. Greenwood specialises in corporate and sporting integrity, criminal justice and police training, and fraud and asset tracing investigations.

Philip Johnson

CEO, JJ Associates

Mr. Johnson has operated his UK-based, global investigatory consultancy, JJ Associates, for 30 years.


Rodney J. Johnson

President, Erudite Risk

Rodney J. Johnson is currently President of Erudite Risk and a Co-Founder of the KBLA. He has spent most of his work life in Asia. Working in both the IT and the risk management sectors, he has been based in Korea and Singapore, while running companies with direct operations in Korea, China, Singapore, and India.

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