Bryan Hopkins

Special Counsel, Lee & Ko

Bryan Hopkins is currently Special Counsel to Lee & Ko, one of Korea’s largest law firms.  He was the first US licensed attorney hired in house to work for Samsung in 1986 and was based in Seoul for many years.


From 1999 to 2010 he was VP and General Counsel of Samsung Electronics America in the US and implemented the first compliance program for Samsung in the US as well as establishing the first risk management department for Samsung Electronics America.  Prior to working at Samsung Electronics America, he was Counsel at Racal Electronics ( now called Thales)  in the US and Assistant General Counsel at Kumho Petrochemical in Seoul, Korea.

He has extensive experience in compliance, e-discovery, corporate governance, litigation management and risk management.  He has published articles in the Asia-Mensa Counsel magazine, the KLRI Journal of Law and Legislation and has authored several books on legal risk management for in-house lawyers and managers.


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