Mukesh Bajaj

Founder, CreditCheck Partners

Mukesh has over 21 years of experience in the risk management business, with experience in business intelligence and corporate investigations uncovering and addressing various reputational risks for a wide range of clients.


In 2010, I co-founded CreditCheck Partners, a risk consulting firm focused on reputation, corruption, and political risk. Here, we help clients respond to allegations of fraud, violations of code of conduct, and non-compliance with international anti-bribery regulation such as the US FCPA and UK Bribery Act. We also provide the necessary political context and on the ground know how in challenging markets. CreditCheck Partners is based out of Mumbai, India and has offices in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Our investigative and research reach is not limited to these countries and extends to other parts of South Asia, the Middle East and South East Asia.

Over the years I have developed skills in background, vendor, and employee screening, partner and third party anti-bribery and reputation due diligence, business intelligence, complex investigations, litigation support, crisis support, data analytics, supply chain integrity and other social accountability audit.


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