Shannon Sedgwick

CEO, Global Media Risk

Global Media Risk CEO Shannon Sedgwick is a highly experienced risk consultant and media safety adviser with extensive experience in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, USA, and South East and Central Asia.


Shannon is the Chief Executive Officer of Global Media Risk (GMR). GMR has offices in Nevada USA, San Diego USA, Singapore, and Sydney Australia. GMR specializes in facilitation of a complete risk management, cyber security, training, and logistics package for a vast range of industry sectors including broadcast media, international travel, oil and gas, healthcare, education, and NGOs. Under Shannon's guidance, GMR has rapidly grown to a highly successful multi-national enterprise.

Shannon is an experienced risk consultant and a highly sought after senior executive. A self confessed "tech-nerd", Shannon enjoys the incorporation of technology in the every day life. He regularly appears on national and international TV, expert panels, conferences, and radio networks discussing security, NGOs and international development, public safety, journalist safety, and breaking news events. Shannon has a deep passion for working with NGOs and media with a focus on human rights, women and children's wellbeing, and the prevention of modern day slavery.


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