Jack Chu

President, RA Consultants

A security professional who worked 17 years in the private security sector after serving in the Police for 18 years.

Mr. Chu possesses a postgraduate qualification in International Politics from the London School of Economics. He is an acknowledged expert in Chinese law and foreign policy.

Mr. Chu has extensive knowledge of Chinese political, economical, cultural, and international relations with foreign countries. His experience has equipped him with a solid understanding of how central, provincial and municipal authorities operate in China.

Prior to his role as President of RA Consultants Ltd., Mr. Chu worked in various foreign affairs, legal and economic corporations of China and Hong Kong. These positions enabled him to gain a thorough understanding of the society, politics, economics, investment and trade, law and regulation, and the local customs of PRC. In addition, he worked for Renful Security Group as the Vice President for 5 years. Mr. Chu has gained many experiences in security and investigation field.

Through many years practical experience in this industry, Mr. Chu has successfully established a nationwide network of influential contacts while completing many major projects in China and Hong Kong.


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