Paul Dank

President, Advanced Surveillance Group

As President of Advanced Surveillance Group, Mr. Dank oversees and directs investigations, background checks and intelligence gathering engagements.

Paul is the President of Advanced Surveillance Group and manages the firm's business and investigative operations. Paul began his work in private investigations in 1994 managing the operations of Sherlock Investigations. In 2000, Paul opened ASG and ultimately purchased Sherlock Investigations, combining the operations of the two. Prior to entering investigations Paul had attended Michigan State University majoring in business administration and attended post graduate studies at Wayne State University. After completing his education, Paul worked at KPMG in the assurance practice where he focused on clients the insurance industry. After leaving KPMG he worked for a consulting practice which included his work with Sherlock Investigations that lead to his joining the agency.

Paul is well versed in risk management and claims handling and has developed specialized products to serve niche groups within the insurance sector. He has grown the practice into a multi-disciplined investigative practice.


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