Billy Marlin

Founding Partner, Veritas Assurance Partners

Billy Marlin has deep experience in providing investigatory consulting services to a wide variety of clientele throughout the United States and Latin America.

Fraud and Misconduct Investigations

Mr. Marlin has consulted to major multinationals, law firms, financial and manufacturing companies and several governments in Latin America including Ecuador, El Salvador, The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Trinidad Tobago, Guatemala, Colombia and Martinique in complex matters relating to litigation consulting, internal fraud investigations, forensic accounting, FCPA violations, corporate governance, litigation support, brand integrity, product diversion, theft, corporate espionage, asset tracing and due diligence.

Anti-Money Laundering

Mr. Marlin has consulted to numerous financial institutions in money laundering matters relating to compliance and investigative services. He has assisted with the development, implementation and maintenance of anti-money laundering programs. He has also consulted to major US and Latin American banks on performing appropriate due diligence reviews on their private banking customers. Mr. Marlin has also performed independent investigative reviews addressing money laundering allegations.

Law Enforcement

As a Senior Confidential Investigator, Mr. Marlin planned, conducted and supervised forensic examinations relating to fraud, bribery, embezzlement and enterprise corruption cases. He also conducted investigative audits of entities doing business with the City of New York. His work also included the execution of search warrants, surveillances and preparation of investigative reports, analysis, schedules and charts used in evaluating potential indictments by Federal and New York State prosecutorial agencies.


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